Read below to find out why the network is so vital to the work of our members, and how it is helping us to transform the way the world does business:

"SVN is the best place I know to synergize resources for the common good."
Ben Cohen, Ben & Jerry's Homemade

"SVN has had a strong influence on our company's socially responsible business practices, and I deeply value the connections I've made through the network."
Eileen Fisher, EILEEN FISHER, Inc.

"Prior to encountering SVN I felt like someone who wanted to say something but didn't have language to express it. The joy of SVN in my life was to discover that not only were there other people thinking about things in a similar fashion but many of them had been doing something about it for a long time."
Murat A. Armbruster, Senior Advisor, Carbon War Room and Operation Lead, Green Capital Global Challenge

"On a personal level, SVN is the community of friends where I go to think about my business, share my challenges and fears, and find wisdom."
Joy Anderson, Criterion Ventures

"Since my first conference in 1989, SVN has been my tribe of fellow travelers on this journey to integrate our material and spiritual selves in our business lives. The inspiration has been one of sharing are ups and downs — seeing light and beauty at times, working through darkness and entrepreneurial terror at others. Inspiration is in the human connection of many minds all sharing one soul."
Mark Albion, Author, "Making A Life"

1980s Joel Solomon"SVN is where I met many of the most inspiring visionaries who have most impacted my life work. I learned that it was not only natural and obvious to turn business into a tool for positive social change, but essential."
Joel Solomon, Renewal Partners

"I have grown through my connections with SVN members and feel blessed to have developed friendships with people I love and admire."
Judith Katz, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.

"It’s hard to imagine SVN making a greater impact on our organization than it has over the past few years. In many ways, our company owes our growing success to the SVN community. We’ve experienced, first hand, how a few young people, with a vision that most everyone in the world would say is impossible, can gain access to the capital, experience, and clients it needs to make ‘the impossible’ into a social entrepreneurial success story - and that’s the power of the SVN community."
Chid Liberty, Liberty & Justice - 2011 SVN Innovation Award Winner

Apart from the honor, the Innovation Award introduced me to SVN, which expanded my world and company in many ways. Several members have become advisors to TerraCycle and one, an SVN founding member, joined our company in a senior leadership position. I feel the support and wisdom of the community through my many regular contacts, and the bonds of friendship with SVN'ers run deep."
- Tom Szaky, Founder & CEO, TerraCycle - 2007 SVN Innovation Award Winner

"Becoming a member of SVN allows you to enter a welcoming community where collaboration and creativity are cherished. Partnerships and relationships with other SVN companies are encouraged.”
Priya Haji, World of Good