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Kim Jordan, New Belgium Brewing Company

Kim Jordan Kim Jordan is co-founder and CEO of New Belgium Brewing. She has cultivated her passion for social work, the environment and community to create one of the most successful corporations in America. Her lifelong commitment to developing healthy communities has informed New Belgium’s culture through progressive policies like employee-ownership, open book management and philanthropic giving. Awards include: "2009 Trailblazer Award" – Entrepreneur Magazine, "Entrepreneur of the Year" – Colorado Biz Magazine, "Wirth Chair Award" – CU, Denver, Governor’s "Excellence in Renewable Energy Award", "Green Power Business Leadership Award" – Environmental Protection Agency, "Mid-sized brewer of the Year" – Great American Beer Festival. As CEO and President of New Belgium Brewing, Kim is active in day-to-day Sales, Branding and Organizational Development aspects of the business. Much of her time is spent on mid-range and long-term strategic development.

Eli Pariser, Upworthy

Eli Eli Pariser is an author, online organizer, and the co-founder of Upworthy, a new startup focused on making content that matters go viral. During his time at MoveOn.org, from 2001 to 2008, the organization grew by 10 times and collected nearly $120,000,000 in small donations. His book, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is Hiding from You, is a New York Times bestseller, and his TED talk on the same topic has been seen over 2 million times and was called one of the top talks of the year by TED curator Chris Andreson. Eli also helped start Avaaz.org, a global online movement with over 15 million members in nearly every country, and has served on the boards of the Open Society Foundations' US Programs, the New Organizing Institute, Avaaz, MoveOn, Access, and a number of other organizations. 

Majora Carter, Majora Carter Group

Majora Carter Majora has been a pioneering leader in the social sustainability field for over a decade. After launching highly successful local and national organizations, she took her award winning work out of the nonprofit sector and traveled the world in search of ways to help poor people better engage positive economic & health trends. Some of her findings along the way are surprising and potentially disruptive, but grounded in a track record of success and growth. 

Seth Goldman, Honest Tea

Seth Seth Goldman is President and TeaEO of Honest Tea, the company he co-founded in 1998 with Professor Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of Management, which was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in March 2011. Today, Honest Tea is the nation’s top selling ready-to-drink organic bottled tea, and is carried in more than 100,000 outlets. Over the past fifteen years the company has thrived as consumers have shifted toward healthier and more sustainable diets. Mission in a Bottle, the Story of Honest Tea, written by Seth and Barry, will be published by Crown Business Books in September, 2013.

Matthew Stinchcomb, Etsy, Inc.

Matt StinchcombMatthew Stinchcomb is Etsy’s VP, Values & Impact. In this role he oversees the stewardship of the company’s mission and values, and works to maximize the positive social, economic, and ecological impact Etsy can have in the world. Stinchcomb has worked at Etsy since its earliest days. Prior to his time at Etsy, he was an indie rock musician and a screenprinter. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Benedikta and young son, Francis.

Danae Ringelmann, Indiegogo

Danae Danae Ringelmann co-founded Indiegogo in 2008 with a mission to democratize fundraising and has since helped to propel the company into the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. Danae was listed as one of Fast Company‘s "Top 50 Women Innovators in Technology" in 2011 and was awarded with the AWNY "No Apologies" Changemaker award in early 2013. She is a CFA charterholder and holds an M.B.A. from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Ysaye Barnwell, Former Member, Sweet Honey In the Rock®

Ysaye Dr. Ysaye M. Barnwell is a dynamic, multi-faceted woman who holds a PhD in Speech Pathology, a Master of Science in Public Health and four Honorary Doctorates. She is steeped in African American history and cultural tradition. For 34 years, Dr. Barnwell was a member of the internationally renowned a cappella quintet Sweet Honey In The Rock®, and composed some of their most popular songs. She is composer of the cantata FORTUNE'S BONES: THE MANUMISSION REQUIEM and curates the Fortune's Bones Project®. She is a recording artist, actress and author, and for 30 years, has led Community Sings and conducted her workshop, Building A Vocal Community®, on three continents. 

Robert Raben, The Raben Group

Robert RabenRobert Raben is founder and President of The Raben Group, a culturally diverse and values-driven public affairs firm. Robert delights in helping his clients identify and achieve complex public policy objectives and brings a nuanced understanding of the intersection of law, policy, politics and media to his work. Robert’s approach was honed during a highly respected legislative career that began on Congressman Barney Frank’s (D-MA) staff and culminated in his appointment to the Justice Department as Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs.

Paul Polak, International Development Enterprises (IDE) and Windhorse International

Paul Polak Dr. Paul Polak founded International Development Enterprises (IDE), a nonprofit that is harnessing the power of the market to alleviate poverty, and Windhorse International, a for-profit social venture with the mission of inspiring and leading a revolution in how companies design, price, market and distribute products. Windhorse International aims to benefit the 2.6 billion customers who live on less than $2 a day, combining radically affordable technology with radically decentralized supply chains to earn profits serving bottom billion customers. 

Jacqui Patterson, NAACP 

JacquiCurrently the Director of Environmental and Climate Justice at the NAACP, Jacqui Patterson, MSW, MPH, has worked on international and domestic issues including gender justice, racial justice, economic justice, and environmental and climate justice, with organizations including Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, IMA World Health, United for a Fair Economy, ActionAid, Health GAP, and the organization she co-founded, Women of Color United. She also currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Institute of the Black World and the US Climate Action Network, as well as on Steering Committee for Interfaith Moral Action on Climate Change.

Sonia Lo, Chalsys LLP

Sonia LoSonia Lo is a financial advisor and direct investor in the impact investment industry. She has run her own firm for the last 9 years advising major corporations and family offices around the world. Her firm and its clients have made several investments in Silicon Valley since she moved to California in late 2011. They include an investment as an LP in an impact investment fund, and direct investments in industrial lighting, natural cosmetics, agricultural technology and a beverage company. Sonia has personally made 12 investments and exited 4 at an average multiple of 8x. Sonia has lived in 16 countries and speaks 7 languages. She has an undergraduate degree from Stanford University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. 

Jeffrey Hollender, Sustain

Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender is the founder and CEO of Hollender Sustainable Brands, who introduced Sustain condoms, the first fair trade, non-toxic brand in the US. He is also Adjunct Professor for sustainability and social entrepreneurship at New York University and co-founder of Seventh Generation. Jeffrey is also the Co-Chair of the Greenpeace US; co-founder and Board Chair of the American Sustainable Business Council, a coalition of 200,000 business leaders committed to progressive public policy and the author of his seven books, including The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win.

Dan Levinson, Main Street Resources

Dan Levinson Dan Levinson has spent his career in private equity running Main Street Resources and executing complex human-scale opportunities – and over the last few years has turned his energy to non-profit and new economy. Dan co-founded/chairs Green Village Initiative, chairs The Schumacher Center for New Economics, and assists/advises/funds many nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. Dan believes it will only be through enlightening our economic system that we can address our core social, economic and environmental challenges.

Rha Goddess, Move The Crowd

Rha GoddessRha Goddess is the founder and CEO of Move The Crowd an entrepreneurial training company dedicated to helping the next generation stay true, get paid, and do good. With an interdisciplinary curriculum that acknowledges, honors and elevates the whole person, Move The Crowd works with clients to leverage their unique creativity, strengths and passion into viable projects, ventures and initiatives into tangible, profitable results. Entrepreneurs emerge with the vision to move forward, the knowledge to up their game and the power to achieve their own flavor of success. Move The Crowd uniquely focuses on cultural creatives and innovators from a variety of sectors who are re-defining their "work" as a vehicle for creative expression, financial freedom and societal transformation. More at www.movethecrowd.me. 

Mike Tidwell, Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Mike TidwellMike Tidwell is founder and Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the impacts and solutions associated with global warming in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. His newest book, focusing on Katrina and global warming, is titled The Ravaging Tide: Strange Weather, Future Katrinas, and the Race to Save America’s Coastal Cities. Tidwell has been featured in numerous national media outlets including NBC's "Meet the Press", The New York Times, and The Washington Post. He writes regular op-eds about climate change issues for The Baltimore Sun and is a regular commentator on WAMU, the premier NPR radio station in Washington, DC.

Elizabeth Scharpf, Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

Elizabeth SheSHE is a social venture that invests in people and ideas that are typically overlooked (and often taboo) as vehicles of socio-economic change. Their first initiative, SHE28, addresses girls' and women's lack of access to affordable menstrual pads resulting in significant costs to their reproductive health, educational achievements, work productivity, and dignity. Coupling these new businesses with public health and hygiene education and advocacy will have a significant social and economic impact on these communities. 

Liz and Ben Bohannon, Sseko Designs

Liz Sseko Ben SsekoSseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that uses fashion to educate and empower women. Sseko hires high potential young women in Uganda to make sandals to enable them to earn money through dignified employment that will go directly towards their college educations and ensure they will continue pursuing their dreams. By working for Sseko during their gap year, these talented young women from impoverished backgrounds gain access to a comprehensive social impact program tailored to their needs and will earn enough income to finance their educations.

Kavita M. Shukla and Swaroop Samant, Fenugreen

Fenugreen Freshpaper 2 Speakers PageWhile the world's farmers harvest enough to feed the planet, 25% of our food supply is lost to spoilage. Fenugreen is taking on this massive global challenge with a simple innovation: FreshPaper. Low-cost, compostable, and made with organic spices, FreshPaper keeps produce fresh 2-4 times longer Fenugreen aims to revolutionize the food economy from farm to fork, and transform the lives of the 1.6 billion who lack access to refrigeration with its mission of "Fresh for All." 

Tim Jahnigen and Lisa Tarver, One World Futbol Project

Tim Jahnigen OwfpLisa Tarver 150x180One World Futbol inventor Tim Jahnigen was inspired to create a nearly indestructible ball after watching news footage of kids in Darfur playing a soccer game using a ball of trash tied up with twine. Tim set out to design a ball that played like a real soccer ball, but would never need a pump and never go flat – even when punctured multiple times. Their mission is to bring the healing power of play to youth worldwide by making, selling and distributing nearly indestructible balls that survive the harshest environments. 

Michael Murphy and Alan Ricks, MASS Design Group

Michael Mass Design GroupAlan Ricks Mass Design GroupMASS Design Group is a nonprofit architecture firm committed to building better buildings and enabling the people who build them. Their first project, the Butaro Hospital (Rwanda, 2011), employed architectural solutions to mitigate the transmission of airborne disease and spurred local markets by hiring and training over 4,000 community members. Today, the team conducts immersive research in communities across the world not only to build context-appropriate, safer, and healthier facilities, but also to leverage local material markets, lead training workshops, spur craft development and foster economic empowerment.

Cara Pike, The Social Capital Project

Cara PikeCara Pike is the founder and Director of The Resource Innovation Group’s Social Capital Project and Climate Access, a network for those engaging the public in the transformation to low-carbon resilient communities and is CEO of Pike Productions, an environmental communication consulting firm. Her work includes creation of the Ecological Roadmap, a values-based approach to building support for environmental protection; Climate Communications Behavior Change – A Guide for Practitioners, and other widely used publications and toolkits. Cara regularly advises government agencies and nonprofit organizations including the Obama Administration, the state of Oregon, British Columbia’s Ministry of the Environment, the city of Seattle, World Wildlife Fund, National Resources Defense Council, Union of Concerned Scientists, Tides Canada and others. She is currently serving on the engagement and communication working group of the federal National Climate Assessment Development Advisory Committee. 

Eben Bayer, Ecovative  

Eben Eben Bayer is the CEO and co-founder of Ecovative, a bio-materials company that grows sustainable materials and products using unique living organisms. Ecovative has been recognized by the World Economic forum as a "Tech Pioneer," for its potential impact on climate change by the PostCode Lottery Green Challenge and recently won an environmental quality award from the EPA. Ecovative has been widely covered in the media, including articles in Wired Magazine, Popular Science, and Time.

Mal Warwick, One World Futbol Project 

Mal W Mal Warwick is the co-author with Paul Polak of The Business Solution to Poverty: Designing Products and Services for Three Billion New Customers. He is a prolific author, impact investor, and activist who reviews books on his blog (“Mal Warwick on Books”) and is one of three partners in the One World Futbol Project, a social enterprise based in Berkeley. From 1979 to 2010, Mal focused on the nonprofit sector as a consultant and public speaker on marketing and fundraising for nonprofit organizations. He chaired the SVN board from 2002 – 2006.

Meika Hollender, Sustain 

Meika Meika Hollender is the co-founder and Junior Marketing Partner at Sustain Condoms, a new brand she's developing with her father, Seventh Generation co-founder and CEO, Jeffrey Hollender. Meika is a recent MBA graduate of New York University's Stern School of Business, where she was the President of the Social Enterprise Association. Prior to matriculating at Stern, Meika worked at the brand strategy and design firm, Sterling Brands. This past summer Meika worked in Johnson & Johnson’s consumer products division as a Sustainability Summer Associate. Some of Meika’s other accomplishments include co-authoring the book Naturally Clean as well as her work with Sustainable Health Enterprises and Women for Women International.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Isha Foundation 

SadhguruSadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a yogi, mystic, and visionary humanitarian. Traversing seamlessly from the ancient to the modern, he bridges the gap between the known and the unknown, enabling all those who encounter him and his works to explore and experience the deepest dimensions of life while thriving in today’s everyday world. Sadhguru's vision and understanding of current social and economic issues have led to interviews with BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNNfn, and Newsweek International. He has been a sought after keynote speaker at many of the most relevant global forums, corporations and universities. Isha Foundation, created by Sadhguru, is an entirely volunteer-run, international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential.

Kristen Barker, Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative 

Kristen BarkerKristen Barker is the President of the Cincinnati Union Co-op Initiative (CUCI), which is based on the Mondragon-USW union co-op model. CUCI has launched one co-op and has five projects in various stages of feasibility/business planning. As a community organizer for the past 12 years, she fosters faith, labor & community partnerships. She is the mother of a resilient daughter with special needs. She is a lifelong Cincinnati resident (except 2 years in El Salvador).

J. Bob Alotta, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice 

Bob AlottaFilmmaker and technologist turned Executive Director, J. Bob Alotta leads the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, an LGBTQI rights foundation working for social, racial, gender, and economic justice around the globe. Through film and at Astraea, Bob engages philanthropists, leaders, and community members to transform the marginalization of LGBTQI rights in our societies. Representing a new generation of social change philanthropists, Bob’s work builds new models of social justice, expanding the relevance of rights and dignity for LGBTQI people. 

Eric Leenson, Sol Economics

Eric LeensonEric Leenson is President of Sol Economics, a company that promotes responsible enterprise Solutions and Solidarity in the Americas. Currently he leads a multinational initiative supporting socially responsible enterprise and local development in Cuba which works closely with Cuban organizations central to the economic opening taking place there. He is a pioneer in the field of socially responsible investment in the US having cofounded and serving for many years as President of Progressive Asset Management.

Michael Peck, MONDRAGON Corporation 

Michael PeckMichael Peck founded MAPA Group (www.mapagroup.net) in 1994 as a creative and transactional, “doing well by doing good” business development company, and has served since 2000 as the North American delegate for Mondragon, the world’s largest industrial worker cooperative. In October 2009, Michael participated in forming the Mondragon and United Steelworkers Union (USW) partnership to create union-coop hybrids with the goal of revamping US manufacturing through worker cultural empowerment and equal share ownership. On March 26th, 2012, the USW, Mondragon North America, and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center (OEOC) unveiled the union-coop template model, www.union.coop, in Pittsburgh with related community initiatives and collaborative partnerships currently in ten US metropolitan regions.

Ali Smith, Holistic Life Foundation 

Ali SmithAli Smith is co-founder and Executive Director of the Holistic Life Foundation. He is a graduate of Friends School of Baltimore and the University of Maryland, College Park. Since 2001, the Holistic Life Foundation has facilitated yoga, mindfulness, and environmental based programs for underserved communities around the country, with a focus on Baltimore, Maryland. Their programs have served over 5,000 youth and 1,000 adults, and have been featured on "Making a Difference" on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

Atman Smith, Holistic Life Foundation  

Atman SmithAtman Smith is co-founder and Director of Fundraising for the Holistic Life Foundation. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was a letter winner for the men’s basketball team. Since 2001, the Holistic Life Foundation has facilitated yoga, mindfulness, and environmental based programs for underserved communities. Their programs have served over 5,000 youth and 1,000 adults, and have been featured on "Making a Difference" on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

Shilpa Jain, YES!

Shilpa JainShilpa Jain is currently rooting herself in Oakland/Berkeley, CA, where she serves as the Executive Director of YES!. YES! works with social change makers at the meeting point of internal, interpersonal and systemic change, and aims to co-create thriving, just and balanced ways of living for all. Shilpa has facilitated dozens of transformative leadership gatherings in India, Jordan, Senegal, Lebanon, Egypt, Thailand, Canada, Peru, Turkey, Pakistan, and the US, working with hundreds of young leaders from over 65 countries. Shilpa is committed to supporting authentic relationships, a deeper sense of self, an essential shift in consciousness, and aligned living practices.

Mark Watson, Keel Asset Management, LLC

Mark WatsonwebsiteMark Watson is an investment advisor with over 28 years of experience in the financial services industry including banking, asset management and organizational financial/strategic planning. He has extensive non-profit board experience, as a chair and treasurer, an SVN Board Member, a US/SIF member, member of Overseers Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and Board Chair of The Highlands Center on Truro Cape Cod.

Invincible, EMERGENCE Media

InvincibleAs a co-founder of EMERGENCE Media, Invincible released their debut album ShapeShifters (2008) and produced award-winning videos like The Revival (2009) and Locusts (2008). They have performed around the world for over a decade, both as a solo artist, and featured as part of the Hip-Hop collective ANOMOLIES. Additionally, Invincible has worked with Detroit Summer, a multi-racial, inter-generational collective in Detroit that is transforming communities through youth facilitative leadership, creativity and collective action for the past decade. They were also the co-coordinator and co-founder of the Detroit Future Youth network to support social justice and media-based youth projects throughout the city. Invincible is currently working with renown producer Waajeed and visual artist Wesley Taylor on Complex Movements, an interactive multimedia installation based hip-hop collective exploring the relationship between complex sciences and social justice movements.

Jessy TolkanCampaign for Global Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Jessytolkan1Jessy Tolkan works as the Global Director of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development for two multi-national automakers, and consults with the Working Families Party. Her work focuses on creating massive shifts in the auto-industry with an eye towards ensuring a more sustainable planet, and simultaneously building political power on the left. Most recently Jessy served as Citizen Engagement Labs’s Co-Executive Director. Prior to her leadership of Citizen Engagement lab she held a Senior Fellowship with the New Organizing Institute where she focused on progressive infrastructure building, the 2012 youth vote, and the next steps for the climate & energy sector. Before switching her attention to the progressive movement at large, Jessy was the Executive Director for the Energy Action Coalition. In 2008, Rolling Stone Magazine named her one of the "100 Agents of Change in America".

Joseph Mouzon, Tides Advocacy Fund

Joseph MouzonJoseph Mouzon has been working on several projects that are consistent with his personal mission - using capitalism to achieve societal balance. He is very comfortable developing and implementing creative solutions to solve seemingly intractable problems. Joseph (aka DJ MAJ) will also demonstrate how this works by DJing our Fall Conference official dance party and showing how an eclectic group of SVNers spanning three generations can have a great time for a long time Saturday night!

Kevin Jones, Good Capital

Kevin Jones Kevin Jones founded Good Capital, one of the first Impact investment funds. It has exited one of its four portfolio companies, the nonprofit, Root Capital, with a 13% IRR, with two other companies, Better World Books and Alter Eco, both more than tripled in revenues. It has one failed company, a fair trade juice company, Adina, which delivered a multitude of lessons. It expects to start exiting Better World Books next January using bank debt and is collaborating around goals with Alter Eco. Two of its three companies have Mission Insurance.

Beth Williams, Roxbury Technology Corporation

Beth Williams Beth Williams is the CEO, President and owner of Roxbury Technology Corporation (RTC), an eco-friendly, full service re-manufacturer and distributor of recycled toner and ink cartridges. Roxbury Technology Corporation had been named from 2004 thru 2008, as one of the top "20 Fastest Growing Inner City Businesses in America" by Inc. Magazine and the ICIC (Initiative for a Competitive Inner City), culminating in 2008 as the #2 "Fastest Growing Inner City Business in America," the #1 "Fastest Growing Woman-Owned Business" and the #1 "Fastest Growing Minority-Owned Inner City Business." Beth has been honored as a “Leading Woman” by several organizations such as the Girl Scouts of America, and the National Association of Black Professional and Business Women, among others.

Connie Evans, Association for Enterprise Opportunity

Connie Evans Connie Evans is the President and CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO) with a strong track record of innovative leadership and a background as a social entrepreneur. Prior to AEO, Connie was the founding president of the Women’s Self-Employment Project in Chicago, the first and largest urban micro-enterprise development organization in the US and the first adaptation of the Grameen Bank model to a US urban setting. She founded WSEP Ventures, a social enterprise nonprofit that catalyzed new ventures by nonprofit community-based leaders serving disenfranchised communities; and she founded CSolutions, a consulting boutique focused on solutions for social change in the US and internationally. She has served on numerous and diverse boards including the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Social Venture Network, Ms. Foundation for Women, Global Fund for Women and the CDFI Advisory Board at the US Treasury Department.

Lori Hanau, Global Round Table Leadership

Lori HanauLori Hanau is the founder of Global Round Table Leadership (GRTL) whose mission is to support the personal and shared leadership capacities required to meet the call and needs of our times. GRTL envisions a world in which individuals and communities come together through the best of our collective humanity for the good of the whole. To this end, GRTL engages people across all sectors in leadership development to build flourishing relationships with the self, one another and the systems of which we are a part.

Joe Steele, Steele Consulting

Joe Steele An exceptional consultant and client partner with impeccable communication skills and Harvard educated, Joe Steele has proven a valued resource for his stable of clients worldwide. Whether strategically managing human resource needs to generate high performance results or monitoring and evaluating workforce environments, Joe always considers input/feedback from a myriad of stakeholders, before presenting appropriate strategies. Joe Steele advises his clients how to adapt an organization’s culture and policies to effectively meet the changing needs of the global marketplace.

Erica Wheeler, Musician

Erica Wheeler Erica Wheeler is a sense of place artist, songwriter, speaker and educator whose mission is to enrich lives, engage communities and inspire stewardship through creative programs that touch the heart and mind. She specializes in providing professional development for organizations whose work involves connecting people and place. She also provides inspiring and educational community programs. With 20 years of experience and six CD's to her credit, her programs have taken her from professional trainings at Yosemite National Park to Walden Pond, and keynotes from the American Horticultural Society's Youth and Garden Symposium to Antioch Graduate School's Communicating Science Conference. Her work connecting people and place has been featured in Yes!, Orion and Yankee magazines. Her most recent CD "Good Summer Rain" was sponsored by the Trust for Public Land, (a national land conservation organization). 

Imani Uzuri, Vocalist, Composer and Cultural Worker

Imani Recently praised in The New York Times for her "gorgeously chesty ruminations", vocalist and composer Imani Uzuri is an eclectic interdisciplinary artist who travels and performs internationally. The Village Voice says, “With a voice that would sound equally at home on an opera stage or a disco 12-inch, Imani Uzuri is a constant surprise...seamlessly combining jazz, classical, country and blues motifs into highly personalized compositions.” In March 2013, Uzuri premiered her first orchestral composition "Placeless" at Ecstatic Music Festival and was subsequently named by The New Yorker as one of the emerging “female composers edg[ing] forward.” Uzuri recently received her MFA with a special research focus on early American sacred music and has been an invited guest lecturer on Negro Spirituals at Harvard, Vassar and Columbia. www.imaniuzuri.com 

Flip Brown, Business Culture Consultants

Flip Brown Flip Brown provides empathic support and courageous challenges to assist mission-driven owners, leaders and managers who want to "go deep" and emerge with a greater understanding of their patterns, possibilities and practical action steps. Wouldn't you like to see around the bend of your growth curve? 

Mike Rowlands, Junxion Strategy 

Mike Rowlands Mike Rowlands is a Principal at Junxion Strategy, an international social purpose, sustainability and brand consultancy. Mike advises companies, social enterprises and NGOs around the world on strategy, branding, and outreach and engagement – including a number of SVN member companies. Mike is also an SVN Ambassador, and an Executive Producer of Social Venture Institute – Hollyhock.

Lisa Hall, Calvert Foundation

Lisahall During Lisa’s tenure at Calvert Foundation, the organization grew assets under its management to more than $400 million, creating positive social impact by developing affordable housing, expanding access to financial services and promoting sustainable agriculture. Under her leadership, Calvert Foundation launched internationally recognized initiatives, including the organization’s Women Investing in Women Initiative (WIN-WIN), created in 2012 as a vehicle for investors to help empower women globally. In November 2013, Lisa will join a large European family office. In her new role, Lisa will be responsible for building and managing a new portfolio focused on social, environmental and financial returns. Lisa will relocate to Europe, bringing with her to this new role more than 25 years of experience in the financial services sector and impact investing.

Austin Willacy, Musician 

Austin Austin Willacy is a Berkeley-based singer/songwriter who has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe as a member of The House Jacks, a multi-award winning a cappella rock band currently featured on The Sing-Off on NBC and on Monday Night Football on ESPN. They have performed with the likes of Ray Charles, James Brown, LL Cool J, The Neville Brothers, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Austin is also a youth mentor; he is the director of ‘Til Dawn, Youth in Arts’ teen a cappella group and has facilitated over 35 youth retreats. In addition, he has co-facilitated four Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jams, two North America Jams and one Arts for Social Change Jam for YES!.

David Brodwin, American Sustainable Business Council

Brodwin David co-founded American Sustainable Business Council in 2009 to help business leaders promote policies that lead to a sustainable economy. For the past decade he has worked in advocacy and provides framing and strategy support to mission-aligned businesses and non-profits. He was president of New Voice of Business and Executive Director of Rockridge Institute. Earlier he held executive positions in the management consulting and high tech industry. He was a partner at Accenture, heading the strategy consulting practice within the media and entertainment industry group; VP of marketing at Radius, a computer peripherals manufacturer, and director of the western region technology practice at Arthur D. Little. David writes a weekly column on economic issues for U.S. News and World Report and lectures on social change at Golden Gate University. He holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.A. from Harvard.

Cara Bradley, Verge Yoga Center

Cara Bradley 125x150 Cara is the founder of the Verge Yoga Center in suburban Philadelphia. She is passionate about supporting the well-being of her students – to empower each of them to embrace change, to strive for optimal health and to awaken to conscious living. In addition to teaching at Verge Yoga, Cara trains the Villanova University Football team and the Penn State Men’s Basketball team. She is currently writing a book entitled, SoulForce: 7 Daily Practices to Awaken to Your Human Potential.

Leanne Krueger-Braneky, BALLE

Leanne Leanne works with the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE) as Director of Fellowship and Alumni. BALLE is the fastest growing business alliance of values aligned entrepreneurs, business networks, and local economy funders in North America, representing 30,000 innovators. For eight years, Leanne served as the first Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN), growing it into an influential business organization working to build a just, green, and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region. Leanne has received national attention for her skills in economic development, program development, and public policy. She has been invited to the White House Business Council on multiple occasions to advise them on the needs of local businesses.