Anniversary Tribute Book

SVN Celebrates 25 Years of Leading the Way with an Anniversary Tribute Book. Bryan Welch explains why Ogden Publications is excited to tell the story:

"I was first attracted to the idea of the Social Venture Network (SVN) Hall of Fame because, as a society, we’re still in the formative stages of considering conscience as an important variable in all sorts of endeavors, including business. 

I’m excited by the idea of a book that demonstrates how conscientiousness helps human enterprises succeed. The leaders profiled in this book provide excellent examples. It’s a fun, worthwhile book and a great way to celebrate SVN’s history.

I hope the book will be used as a source of instruction and inspiration for people who are interested in similar things. The stories about people who have accomplished what the honorees have accomplished are energizing.

It’s my hope that this book will be useful to these tens of thousands of folks who are in an earlier stage than the Hall of Fame honorees. Maybe they haven’t even found their life’s calling yet, but they’re ready to be inspired. We’ll promote this book with that idea in mind."

                                                -  Bryan Welch, Publisher and Editorial Director, Ogden Publications

Find out what motivated the pioneers of socially responsible business to do the work they do. The beautiful coffee table book features personal stories written by SVN's 2012 Hall of Fame Honorees. Many thanks to Bryan Welch and Ogden Publications for producing these inspiring books.

Purchase your Hall of Fame Tribute Book here for $20.00!

SVN Hall of Fame Tribute Book Preview by svnetwork