SVN and Esalen Partner for Conscious Business Workshops


Social Venture Network has teamed up with Esalen to offer a workshop series on conscious business practices, designed to help business professionals lead with passion, insight and authenticity.

About Esalen Institute

The Esalen Institute was founded in 1962 as an alternative educational center devoted to the exploration of what Aldous Huxley called the "human potential"—the world of unrealized human capacities that lie beyond the imagination. Esalen soon became known for its blend of East and West philosophies, its experiential and didactic workshops, the steady influx of philosophers, psychologists, artists, and religious thinkers, and its breathtaking grounds blessed with natural hot springs.

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SVN Esalen Workshops

April 19 - 21, 2013

Optimal Workplace Cultures - The Ideal Blend of Success, Satisfaction and Spirit 

Led by Flip Brown, Business Culture Consultants and Susan Schor, EILEEN FISHER, Inc. 

What are the components of a caring yet effective workplace culture? How do the patterns of communication, interaction, and implementation work to balance the multiple needs in an organization? What are the best practices to support creativity, flexibility, and autonomy while still providing consistency, responsiveness, and results?

Join seasoned culture consultants who will share their experiences in hitting the right notes and recovering from the wrong ones. During this workshop coordinated by the Social Venture Network,we'll engage in a highly interactive process that will draw from the collective wisdom of the participants, and we'll leave with new tools, perspectives, and inspiration for channeling positive energy when we show up at work.