Fall Conference: Opportunity to Meet Giants of Industry

IBIS Communications CEO MaryAnne Howland 'exploding’ with excitement as SVN events near

Friday October 12, 2012 -- Kristian Partington

MaryAnne Howland is about ready to explode with excitement as she looks forward to mid-November and the two Social Venture Network (SVN) events that will wrap up celebrations of the organization’s 25 years and carry the social-purpose business movement into the future.

Mary Anne HowlandFirst, the achievements of industry giants will be celebrated at the sold-out SVN Hall of Fame celebration in Manhattan Nov. 13, followed immediately by what MaryAnne hopes will be the largest conference ever hosted by SVN.

As chair of the SVN board and president and CEO of Nashville-based IBIS Communications, it’s a busy time for MaryAnne, but it’s the kind of busy that pays off in immense energy filling rooms with inspirational business leaders who live and work by a code of common purpose — to make the world a better place through business.

“We’re really hoping to blow the roof off the event with just a really stellar turnout,” MaryAnne says of the conference, being held in Rye Brook outside New York City.

“It will be a fantastic opportunity for all of our members and prospective members to meet the giants in our industry,”

“We’re going to be able to tap into many of our hall of fame honorees who will be there, and have an opportunity to meet and greet people who are icons when it comes to the whole sustainable movement.

“If I were ever going to go to an SVN conference, this is the time.”

When she’s asked what she looks most forward to when the leading minds of the next generation of social entrepreneurs and the established leaders converge at the conference, one word emerges: “energy.”

“When we go it’s a chance to renew and get reinvigorated about what it is that this organization is about; it’s meeting all the people and hearing their inspirational stories about their journeys along the way,” MaryAnne says.

“I’m just expecting to explode with the amount of enthusiasm that I’m sure is going to be present.”

And it's this enthusiasm MaryAnne says will continue to fuel the growth of social business in every corner of the world.

There are still tickets available for SVN's fall conference . For more information and to register click here.

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