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SVN has partnered with Berrett-Koehler Publishers to publish a series of low-priced, down-to-earth paperback guides that walk readers through the practical steps of starting and growing a socially responsible business. We are pleased to present these titles from authors within our network.

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Life-Changing Books

"I came across Mal Warwick's and Ben Cohen's book Values-Driven Business at a time in my life when I knew that I wanted my day-to-day to be about making the world a better place, but couldn't find a solution in the for-profit world other than the path of 'make a lot of money, then give back.' But that wasn't me, I had no idea how long it would take for me to make 'enough' to start giving back, and I'm just not very driven by money for money's sake. When I read their book, it was exactly what I was looking for - this idea that a business could be created to address social issues, change the world, improve people's lives. That I could create a company that embodied my personal values, and was really an extension of who I am and what I want to be in the world. And besides setting forth the idea, the book contained a ton of valuable insights into the particular challenges of actually running a successful values-driven venture. So, in short, that's what I've been doing. I'm a few months from celebrating the 5-year anniversary of my own company, and I can point back to this book as a catalyst for helping me get there." -Malachi Leopold, Left Brain/Right Brain Productions, LLC

Titles for Purchase

MissionIn Mission, Inc.: The Practitioner's Guide to Social Enterprise, social entrepreneurs Kevin Lynch and Julius Walls, Jr. draw on their own extensive experiences and those of twenty other social enterprise leaders to focus on the fundamental blocking and tackling tactics that make the difference between success and failure. Exploring the many paradoxes that can hamstring social enterprises, the authors explain how starting and running a social enterprise requires leaders to adopt an entirely different mindset and often a wholly different perspective on the day-to-day choices they’re forced to make.

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Dwts ThumbnailIn Dealing with the Tough Stuff: Practical Wisdom for Running a Values-Driven Business seasoned entrepreneurs Margot Fraser, founder of Birkenstock USA, and Lisa Lorimer, founder of the Vermont Bread Company, share stories of struggles and hardships that every growing business will encounter. Your business plan is only going to get you so far. When you’re actually running a values-driven business, problems come up that you never could have anticipated. Together with five of their colleagues—including Stonyfield Farm founder Gary Hirshberg and former Ms. Foundation president Marie C. Wilson—the authors offer the kinds of personal insights and field-tested advice you just can’t get elsewhere. It’s like sitting down at the table with some of the nation’s top socially conscious entrepreneurs.

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Marketing That MattersIn Marketing That Matters, award-winning marketers Chip Conley and Eric Friedenwald-Fishman offer ten principles any business can use to engage new customers and strengthen relationships with current customers.

"Marketing is about creating relationships. Yet people don’t want to be marketed to—they want to build a relationshipwith. A core question every company should ask itself is, 'What kind of relationship am I building with my customers?'"

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Values Driven BusinessIn Values-Driven Business, Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen and former Social Venture Network chair Mal Warwick team up to provide you with a way to run your business for profit and personal satisfaction.

"Why does business have to be exclusively about making money? Who says so, anyway? Why can’t work be pleasant and rewarding? Why can’t it be fun?"

Read more/ Buy this book Street Smart Sustainability: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Profitably Greening Your Organization's DNA, David Mager and Joe Sibilia offer detailed advice and tools for greening every area of your organization. This guide shows small and medium-sized companies how to go green not just cost effectively, but profitably.

Street Smart Sustainability provides simple tools for business leaders to make continuous, cost-effective improvements in their sustainability practices—practices that diffuse into the organizational DNA and become fixtures, shifting the prevailing corporate culture. Mager and Sibilia provide a step-by-step guide, starting with how to get employee buy-in to how to get started—auditing a company’s current sustainability position, developing a plan to move forward, and quantitatively measuring progress. They detail how to design sustainable products, green facilities, use renewable energy, minimize carbon footprint, find green vendors to work with, reduce harmful emissions, and recycle waste products. In addition to their advice and practical tools, the book is filled with real-world examples from a variety of businesses and industries.

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True To Yourself True to Yourself by Mark Albion is an engaging, accessible guide to a critical component of socially responsible business: effective leadership.

"I often think of building a reputation as a marketing effort, an act of persuasion. Transparency builds your reputation as a leader and your business’s reputation as a values-based company, too, but in a way that is stronger yet more delicate."

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Growing Local ValueGrowing Local Value by Laury Hammel and Gun Denhart explores the full spectrum of ways in which a business can contribute to its community—and the benefits it receives when it does.

Chances are you’ve learned, as we have, that growing a successful business is about meeting the needs of customers—and, by extension, the needs of an entire community. By turning your business into a good citizen and weaving it into the fabric of your community, you can help ensure your company’s profitability and long-term success.

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Values SellIn Values Sell, Nadine A. Thompson and Angela E. Soper draw on real-world examples to show how a values-driven business can flourish.

Vision. It’s a simple word with huge connotations in the business world. Surely for anyone who has awakened in the middle of the night with a new business idea glowing like a 100-watt bulb in her head, the vision is sparkling clear, illuminating every fiber in her body.

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