Eligibility Guidelines

Membership Categories

Membership for Social Venture Network (SVN) is selective and by application. The categories and guidelines below assists our staff in determining an applicant's commitment and capacity to effect positive change through business.  

The staff evaluates applications on a case-by-case basis, reviewing four key factors:

Refer to Membership Categories (see top right box).

Approximately 75 percent of SVN members are leaders of and investors in some of the nation's most innovative socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Approximately 25 percent of SVN members are founders and directors of nonprofit and philanthropic institutions. Most SVN members are CEOs, presidents or owners of companies with $2 million to $100 million in annual revenues.

If you are doing work that is aligned with SVN's mission, but do not currently meet guidelines for membership, we invite you to become an SVN Affiliate.

Examples of Member Types

For-Profit Entrepreneur:

Nonprofit or Philanthropic Entrepreneur:

Individual Investor:

Note: Additional considerations may be considered for approval in this category, such as: community activism, philanthropy, a history of entrepreneurship, and the applicant's desire to increase the percentage of his/her investments in socially responsible enterprises.

Professional Investor:

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Special Designations

SVN may choose to be flexible with regard to financial guidelines (as outlined below), if the applicant demonstrates an exceptional level of impact and innovation. Impact and innovation will differ from one enterprise to the next, but examples could include:

  • Number of people using your services or product, or reached by your message
  • Environmental impacts, such as reductions in carbon emissions or reduction of waste that set a new standard for your industry
  • Number of people educated or supported by your enterprise
  • Number of jobs created in underserved communities
  • Setting a new standard or a new precedent for the way business is done

Emerging Entrepreneur: