Neil Grimmer

Neil GrimmerPresident and Co-Founder, Plum Organics

From the moment that he first heard the words, "it's a girl," Neil knew that he was now part of something much greater than himself. He knew in that moment that he would spend the rest of his life loving, nurturing and protecting this little girl. It was in those early years that he realized the incredible importance that food and nourishment played in his daughter's health and development. As his second daughter entered their world, the wheels began to turn…

Neil & his wife Tana spent hours trying to get parenting just right; reading all the books, talking with friends, toiling away late at night digging up recipes online – all to ensure that from the very first bite, their girls were getting the nutrition they needed to thrive. As his girls grew, his passion for food and health began to extend beyond his own family. He knew that there were millions of other parents out there like them, all trying their best to adjust to life as new parents while balancing the demands of the modern world we live in. Using his designer background and intuitive, problem solving mind he came up with solutions that not only made life simpler for parents but healthier for babies & kids… Enter stage left, Plum Organics.

Here's a bit of street cred:

Neil has been a leader in the design and consumer products industry for over a decade. He was formerly the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Clif Bar & Company, and prior to that a Senior Designer at IDEO. As an imaginative force and designer of ideas, products and brands, Neil has led Plum Organics to become one of the fastest-growing food brands in the US for baby, toddler and kids. He has led the launch of over 100 innovative products including pioneering the first to market spouted pouch that has single-handedly revolutionized a dormant baby food category. With Plum’s recent expansion into kids snacks, Neil is set out to reinvent the experience of healthy feeding your family with the right DNA for game-changing ideas.

For a behind the scenes look and to hear a bit more from the Chief Dad himself, watch this video.

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