A Shared Vision for Local Food Systems Leads to SVN Member Investment

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Connections abound in the SVN community - and the spring 2013 conference was a catalyst for SVN members Janie Hoffman and Anthony Chang. These forward-thinking business leaders connected over building mission-driven enterprises and supporting sustainable small farms, and are creating positive change in the private and nonprofit sectors.

Janie HJanie is the CEO and Founder of Mamma Chia, which crafts high-quality chia-based foods and beverages that provide vitality, energy and strength, and Anthony is the Founder and Executive Director of Kitchen Table Advisors, a nonprofit that fuels the economic viability of sustainable small farms through personalized business advising.  

Anthony ChangInspired by the tangible ways that Kitchen Table Advisors was helping sustainable small farms become sustainable businesses, Janie directed a gift of $15,000 in support of the organization. Giving back to the community is a key piece of Mamma Chia’s business, and this gift comes at a critical time in the organization’s growth, as Anthony prepares to triple the number of farms served in the next three years. It’s a win for both our members, and more importantly for the future of a thriving local food system!

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