2015 Innovation Entrepreneurs

Martin Acosta 150x180Martin Acosta

Founder, Kiwa

Kiwa produces premium natural snacks, like vegetable and Andean potato chips, that are exported to +25 countries. The snacks are Non-GMO, Kosher and gluten-free certified. Kiwa created a Direct Trade process whereby raw materials are harvested by low-income farmers in Ecuador to whom Kiwa supports by providing seeds, technical assistance, direct financing, a stable market, and more. In addition, since last year, Kiwa co-organizes the Kiwa Investment Summit where selected and mentored social entrepreneurs generating impact in Latin America are united with investors and other growth resources.


Abianne Falla 150x180Jenna Dee Detro 150x180JennaDee Detro and Abianne Falla

Co-Founders, Cat Spring Tea

Cat Spring Tea encourages you to rediscover a lost American resource: yaupon tea. Cat Spring Tea is homegrown, ecologically sustainable, and focused on the greater good. Cat Spring Tea champions the rediscovery of yaupon tea, the forgotten natural resource thriving in its natural habitat in Texas.


Sophie Eckrich 150x180Sophie Eckrich

CEO, Teysha

Teysha connects communities and empowers people to explore our world through art and culture. Teysha sells custom boots and shoes handmade in Guatemala.


Nona Lim 150x180Nona Lim

Founder, Nona Lim

Nona Lim makes delicious dairy and gluten-free soups and meals using fresh local and organic ingredients in their kitchen in Oakland, California. Creator of the Delicious Detox, their mission is to make it easy for people to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well.


Tom Mc Dougall 150x180Tom McDougall

Founder, 4P Foods

4P Foods sources farm-fresh food from farms in the Washington, DC local foodshed and delivers them to customers once each week. 4P Foods is a small group of farmers and local food nuts who believe good healthy food should be readily available and accessible to all.


Corey Rennell 150x180Corey Rennell


CORE Foods is an Oakland-based nonprofit company on a mission to cultivate a healthier planet by empowering people with nourishing food and honest resources. They make only fundamentally nourishing foods with no syrup, salt, flour, oil, additives, or preservatives. They’re committed to both educating and empowering people with all the tools they need to live a healthy, fulfilling life.


Lisa Dyson 150x180Lisa Dyson

CEO, Kiverdi

Kiverdi is a next­generation sustainable oil company that converts CO2 and waste carbon gases into  customized, cost­competitive Carbon Engineered Oils using the power of biotechnology.

Frederick Hutson 150x180Frederick Hutson

Founder and CEO, Pigeonly

Pigeonly is a technology company that focuses on building products for overlooked and underserved  markets. Pigeonly helps inmates stay connected with  their families through simple, inexpensive ways to share  photos and place phone calls.


Kellee James 150x180Kellee James

Founder and CEO, Mercaris

Mercaris is a market data service and trading platform for organic, non­-GMO and other identity­preserved  agricultural commodities.


James Kao 150x180James Kao

Founder and CEO, Green Citizen, Inc.

Green Citizen offers computer recycling, and recycles all electronic items in the United States under stringent  environmental and health regulations. This process  ensures that all heavy metals and toxins in the electronic items are reclaimed, reused, or properly disposed rather  than being sent overseas or to landfills.


Allison Lamb 150x180Allison Lamb

Co-Owner, Limegreen, LLC

Limegreen is a natural and organic line of products for home, baby and garden, including body wash, room spray, candles, and detergent. Limegreen uses only 100% essential oils in all of their products. For candles, they only use soywax made from pure 100% soybeans. The room spray and disinfectants do not contain any chemicals, additives, or preservatives, making them a smart, eco-friendly alternative.


Carrie Rich 150x180Carrie Rich

CEO and Co-Founder, The Global Good Fund

The Global Good Fund amplifies the impact of young social entrepreneurs through investment in leadership  development.


Rebekah SaliRebekah Sali

Director, MakaPads

MakaPads are cost-effective biodegradable sanitary pads. Their production creates jobs and helps the environment. MakaPads provide effective, low-cost protection to every girl and woman. MakaPads are made from papyrus and paper waste. The fibers are beaten, dried and softened using no electricity.

Charley Wang 150x180Charley Wang

CEO and Co-Founder, Josephine

Josephine is a marketplace that helps facilitate the booking of home cooked meals. The Josephine  community believes that compassionate relationships  built over home cooking can be our competitive  advantage over the industrialized food system ­a way  to get people to make healthier choices in the context  of their own lives and relationships.


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