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SVN Lifetime Membership is an opportunity to support Social Venture Network, The Bridge Initiative and the broader mission-driven business movement. Lifetime Members are committed leaders of SVN's community of values-driven entrepreneurs and impact investors. SVN's Lifetime Members include: 

Ben Cohen 150x180 Mark Finser Eileen Fisher 150x180 Josh Mailman 150x180 Aaron Lamstein
Ben Cohen
Ben & Jerry's
Mark Finser
Board Chair
RSF Social Finance
Eileen Fisher
Josh Mailman
Serious Change LP
Aaron Lamstein

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Rose Yee 150x180

Timothy Yee 150x180

Adnan Durrani

Joel Bluestein 150x180
Dale Rodrigues
Mary's Gone Crackers
Rose Yee
Green Retirement
Timothy Yee
Green Retirement
Adnan Durrani
American Halal, Co., Inc.
Joel Bluestein

Joel Bluestein 150x180
Lynne Katzmann
Founder and President
Juniper Communities

SVN Lifetime Membership

$100,000 fee*

Lifetime Members receive all Core Member Benefits each year and in addition receive:

SVN Lifetime Member

*One-time fee of $100,000 that can be paid in installments for up to five years. 

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a Lifetime Member, please contact SVN's Interim Executive Director, Donna Daniels or SVN's Director of Development, John Hoffman.

Please note: 

Membership and affiliate fees and other gifts to SVN are tax-deductible in the United States to the extent provided by law.

**Complimentary passes do not include the cost of meals or accommodations. The complimentary discount code provided during each conference will eliminate all registration costs except SVN's complete food, beverage, and facility package (~$530, inclusive of tax and gratuities). This is a required charge by the hotel that SVN must collect from every attendee. These charges are included in the registration costs of those paying the full rate to attend the conference. If you have any questions, please email isaac@svn.org.

***Memberships and Affiliate Status are granted to the primary applicant only and are not transferable within an organization without approval. Additional members included on upgraded memberships at the Organizational Level and above may be rotated on an annual basis. All members must be senior decision-makers at the organization to qualify as an active SVN member.

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