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Friends with Benefits Maximizing Viral Marketing Messaging

Charlotte Rademaekers and Jared Levy, Bonds Make It Easy

SVN proved to be a great connection for social entrepreneurs Charlotte Rademaekers and Jared Levy. SVN members and friends turned strategic business partners, Charlotte is the CEO and Founder of Call2Action, a leader in innovative tools for activating mission-driven videos, and Jared is a principal of Guru Media Solutions, a digital marketing agency serving purpose-driven brands, organizations and campaigns.


Together they tackled a campaign to help people save for their future by investing their tax refunds in US savings bonds. The results exceeded the partners’ expectations to the extent that Guru wrote this case study, “Guru Media Solutions and Call2Action: The Perfect Social Media Storm”

Jared LevySince the campaign launched in January 2012, Call2Action’s Spark widget has been viewed over 30,000 times and is a major tool in raising awareness about BMIE’s Tax Time Savings Bonds campaign. Utilizing the widget as a partner tool has allowed BMIE to be creative in their partner outreach and viral marketing messaging despite a limited budget, contributing to millions of impressions.

Not only did the partnership strengthen both businesses, it also grew the friendship. As Charlotte Rademaekers attests, “It just feels so fulfilling to work with people you consider friends.”

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