2016-2017 SVN Board of Directors

Robert Foser 90x108Robert Foster
Interim Board Chair 

Aaron Lamstein Board PageAaron Lamstein

Lori Hanau Board PageLori Hanau
Executive Committee 
Global Round
Table Leadership

Kavita Dolan Board PageKavita Dolan
Perlman & Perlman

John Heymann Board PageJohn Heymann
NewLevel Group

Jared Levy Board PageJared Levy

Heather Mason Board PageHeather Mason
Caspian Agency

Teressa Pahl Board PageTeresa Pahl
Hanson Bridgett LLP

Sherri PittmanSherri Pittman
California Clean Energy Fund

Mike RowlandsMike Rowlands

Emeritus and Ex-Officio Board Members

MaryAnne Howland
Ibis Communications

Joe Glorfield
Mary's Gone Crackers

Melissa Bradley
New Capitalist

Ben Cohen
Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc.

Edward Dugger III
Reinventure Capital

Farha-Joyce Haboucha
Rockefeller & Co.

Gary Hirshberg

Lynne Katzmann
Juniper Communities

Josh Mailman
Serious Change LP

Drummond Pike
Equilibrium Capital Group

Mal Warwick
One World Play Project

Judy Wicks 
Better Business Enterprises

How does the Nomination Advisory Committee (NAC) nominate candidates for the Board of Directors?

  1. The NAC committee — with members of the SVN Board — develops a list of potential board members thru interviews with each candidate and NAC committee discussions (candidates are selected based on their skills and needs of the organization.) 
  2. The list is vetted by the board of directors and a final list of candidates are interviewed by the current board members.
  3. Members of the SVN board and SVN ED convey to the NAC committee the outcome of their interviews and their recommendations.
  4. 4) The SVN board will make the formal offers to candidates to join the board of directors Two board members serve on the NAC.

SVN Lifetime Members

Learn more about SVN Lifetime Membership here.

Ben Cohen 150x180Ben Cohen
Ben & Jerry's

Mark FinserMark Finser
Board Chair
RSF Social Finance

Eileen Fisher 150x180Eileen Fisher

Josh Mailman 150x180Josh Mailman
Serious Change LP

Aaron LamsteinAaron Lamstein

Dale 150x180Dale Rodrigues
Co-Founder and CEO
Mary's Gone Crackers

Timothy Yee 150x180Timothy Yee
Green Retirement

Rose Yee 150x180Rose Yee
Green Retirement

Adnan DurraniAdnan Durrani
American Halal Co.

Joel Bluestein 90x108Joel Bluestein

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