The Transformation Initiative

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The SVN Transformation Initiative engages our members and allies in pursuing systemic changes that hold the promise of real progress in addressing today‚Äôs most pressing challenges, such as narrowing economic inequities and slowing global warming. 

This initiative will enable SVN to galvanize business support for the most promising systemic change movements, including Divest-Invest, a broadly based initiative supported by student groups, foundations, cities, faith groups, endowment investors and individuals who commit to divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean energy solutions. Divest-Invest has the potential to create a new clean energy economy, but it needs the support of SVN and its allies to get there.

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Why is SVN doing this?

By mobilizing our network toward collective action and collaborating with peer networks, SVN is helping to speed the transformation to a more just and sustainable economy.

Over the past 27 years, SVN has led the way in promoting: 

SVN has incubated leading business networks:

Through the Transformation Initiative, SVN can build on our legacy of transforming the way the world does business by being a more powerful catalyst for systemic change. You can support the Transformation Initiative by making a donation here.

SVN will host a series of discussions about the Transformation Initiative, report on progress and solicit feedback from SVN members and supporters.

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SVN acknowledges and thanks the following members who have demonstrated leadership and generosity by becoming Co-Founders of the Transformation Initiative:

Mal Warwick

Adnan Durrani

Crystal and
Christian Forthamme

Noel Perry

Michael Kleeman

John Heymann

Margot Fraser

Rose Penelope Yee

Timothy Yee

Flip Brown

Gary Spanner

Kristin Hull

Judy Wicks

Charlie Crystle

Damon Torres

Chris Dyksra

Jim Epstein

Rama Chakaki

Shannon Ross

Joel Solomon

Mark Donahue

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